What Stories Are You Telling Yourself?

child readingWe all tell stories. These stories can be helpful for us and others, educational, warnings and even comforting. Whether they’re anecdotes about our past, stories to help our children sleep or little white lies we tell ourselves, stories are all around us… but what stories are you telling yourself? Continue reading

What Nature Can Teach Us About Confidence

I hate autumn and winter! It’s cold, horrible and damp and, as I’m walking around with my hands in my pockets and my coat zipped right up to my neck, I was constantly repeating the same thought: “I hate winter”!

As I’m walking around feeling miserable and sorry for myself, I looked down and saw an amazingly red leaf. The more I looked around, the more I saw – leaves of gold, red, and orange and, as the raindrops glistened on them, I thought actually they were really pretty.

The more I noticed the more I saw and, the more I paid attention to the trees and the leaves around me, the more I thought actually it’s not that bad… autumn can be so pretty.

This is what we do with our confidence. We start out thinking “I just don’t like me, I hate everything about me” and we focus on all the things we don’t like about ourselves! Watch today’s video blog below to find out how this impacts on our confidence… and what we can do to turn this around.

What baby steps are you going to take today? What is the one thing you like about yourself and how does focusing on it make you feel? Why not share your intention to acknowledge this positive thing by sharing it with us in the comments section below?