Why are we here and other big questions

questions we askQuestions, our head can be full of them. Those thought-provoking questions that have us exploring deep inside us, deep inside our being. Questions like:

What am I? What is our sole purpose?

And the killer one…

What am I here to do?

These type of question are all well and great – especially when you want to dig deep, have the space and time to meditate, and wonder on the answers – but they’re also great focus and attention grabbers too. Continue reading

Who’s in your support network?

support networkWe all need a support network. Whether you’re working on your confidence or learning how to play a musical instrument, you need to have additional help and support. This is especially important when you’re stepping into unknown territory or attempting to stretch your comfort zone.

Why a support team is so crucial

Humans are sociable characters! We want to have love, support, acknowledgement and praise. We WANT to be liked and strive to be accepted by our peers – and we feel especially vulnerable and sensitive when we are attempting new things and evolving who we are. Continue reading

Why picking the right path isn’t enough

picking the right pathWe all want to know what we’re meant to be doing, what our true calling is. We worry that we’ll never get that ‘a-ha’ moment of clarity or that sudden light bulb of clarity above our head. We want reassurance that we’re making the right decisions AND we want to ensure we’re taking the right steps.

The problem is, we often worry SO much; we inadvertently end up avoiding ANY path and end up doing nothing at all! Continue reading